14 January 2017

Are you thinking of buying hair extensions? Not sure yet? Here we are to help you make your decision!

In this blog post, we will be talking about 5 main reasons why to wear hair extensions. Usually, most of our costumers use them to get this incredible volume and length. Did you know that you can also hide a bad haircut or just experiment with colours using ombre hair extensions without any damage to your own hair? What about this special nights like a wedding when you want to shine?

Here are our main reasons why hair extensions are worth investing in!

1. Easy to use

Who doesn't love to sleep this extra 30 minutes in the morning instead of running into the bathroom to create a perfect hairstyle and makeup? With Hair extensions, you can easily save this time! Clip-Ins will consume no time to add them and viola! Any hairstyle will look amazing with an extra volume!

2. No damage

This is my favourite thing about the hair extensions! Absolutely No damage to your hair meanwhile using Clip-Ins! If your hair is rare and weak Clip-Ins is your thing! You can add them whenever you want and easily remove them without any damage or hair loose.

3. Lenght

Tired of waiting for your hair to grow? We totally understand your frustration. Hair extensions can be the best solution! You can get this perfect, long hair you always dreamed of in less than a minute!

Bad haircut experience? No worries, it happens to the best of us. With hair extensions, you can easily get your length back until it naturally grows!

4. Volume

We believe the hair is a showcase of every woman. If you suffer from hair loss and it hit on your confidence, we are here to help you! We created different sets for special cases of our costumers. Want to get back your natural volume? Try out our Fashion Line 120g set! You need an amazing effect to shine during the evening meeting? Try out our Deluxe Pro - Luxury Volume 220g!

5. Color

Did you ever felt like you need a change of your colour but you are afraid that it may look bad? Or you were an afraid cause of the damage to your hair? That's why the extensions are so perfect! You can experiment with colours! Try balayage or the famous ombre trend! Not happy with the result? You can easily take it out!

We hope that you liked our article! In the case of any questions about Rubin Extensions, feel free to contact us! Need an advice to choose the perfect colour? Here we are to help you!

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10 December 2016 No comments

New Year's Eve always sneaks up on us year after year. We get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and before we know it, we are scouring the stores for something with sequins on the 31st. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party or a night out on the town, you want to ring in the New Year looking your best.

From eye-catching metallic dresses, the fiercest faux fur, and disco ballin’ sequined tops... We prepared some outfit inspirationsfor you to shine on this beautiful night!

So, kiss 2016 goodbye with your best look yet!

1. Glossy and Shiny!


Where to buy?

1. The Platinum / 2. Bliss / 3. Lulus

Mix with:

Make Up:

2. Elegant and Classic!


Where to buy?

1. Showpo / 2. NAKD fashion / 3. Zara

Mix with:

Make Up:

3. Chic and Sensual!

Where to buy?

1. Yoins / 2. ShopStyle / 3. The Population

Mix with:

Make Up:

We hope that you like our inspirations and we are very curious to know which outfit did you choose! Leave us your reply on the comment!

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year!

Rubin Extensions Team


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Christmas is almost here! Did you already choose your Christmas gift? We have some ideas! Only now, Rubin Extensions have prepared a special promotion for you! 20% discount on the selected products! Wanna shine on this special night? Do not waste your time and check our special offer! Impress your family and friends with your beautiful hairstyle!

Let's talk a bit more about Rubin Extensions!

Premium Tape-on Extensions - Make your dream of having voluminous, long hair come true with the revolutionary hair extension technique invented in the USA! Ideal for thin and fine hair! Our tape-on extensions are unbeatable as far as price and quality are concerned. Once they are taped in, the extensions stay firm and cannot slip around!

Ponytail Line Hair Extension- The perfect ponytail of glossy real hair. How does it work? Make a ponytail from your own hair and clip the clip-on hair extension onto it. You can cleverly conceal the transition from your own hair to the hairpiece with a strand wrapped around the ponytail. Fast, easy and impressive!

Ombre Multi Colors Hair Extension- Colour up your hair in only a few minutes! Our Ombre Clip-In extensions will make you look very stylish and sexy. Combine different Ombre hair extensions and create new and chic looks in no time over and over again.

Nail Tip Premium Line -With our nail tip strands you can fill up and extend your own hair perfectly. Experience the wow effect now! Nail tip is ideal to extend your hair and to make it look thicker. Once the strands are glued in, they will have an extreme hold in your hair. No one will see or feel your little beauty secret.

Only in December to every order, you will receive a gift from Rubin Extensions Team!


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Deluxe Hair Extension made from SLAVIC HAIR!

Would you like to create breathtaking hairstyles over and over again? Curls today, highlights tomorrow? No problem! Thanks to our hair extensions with clips you can have it all! You can attach them to your hair as fast and easy as when you want to remove them.

Long, smooth , shiny- and extremely thick. That is hair everybody will envy you! Give Mother Nature a helping hand with our straight hair extensions.


Our new Deluxe Line offers premium quality hair extensions with clips. This line was made with love to our costumers giving them the highest quality of real Slavic hair. Moreover, this hair is the longest from all our products, that way you can easily create an XXL hairstyle! Deluxe Line is perfect for when you want to shine! For everyday or for the special occasions.


Enjoy breathtaking, thick and long hair thanks to this quick and easy method of self-made hair extensions. Our Deluxe Clip-on Extensions set consists of 16 pieces with 38 clips (160 cm in total!)! Each packaging contains about 170g real hair!

Remy hair always has a high-quality standard and it is the perfect hair for extensions, but only the very best hair are taken to our Deluxe Line which makes it a must have for all the fashion victims!

This hair quality comes from the finest Indian hair sorted by hand. Moreover, our tangle-FREE formula protects the hair from matting. You will feel this exceptional quality as soon as you touch your new hair. This hair is amazingly vital and smooth. If you will care for your hair extensions they will remain this way for a long time. Enjoy your high-end 100% real hair extensions!

For keeping your hair extensions healthy we recommend our special Rubin Extensions hair care!



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Gigi Hadid may be a California Girl by nature, but her hairstyles go far beyond just beachy waves. From boho style to a sleek braided top knot, the Gigi Hadid hairstyle is on point for every occasion. And even though we know she has a glam squad helping her achieve some of those great styles, we think you can get inspired and try them out yourself!

Gigi has been all over our newsfeed lately, and we’re definitely not complaining. She’s absolutely gorgeous and has killer off-the-runway style to boot. Also, her hair…can we talk about it for a minute?

Here are some of our favorite Gigi hairstyles:

1. Old Hollywood


2.Simple side part


3.A modern, oh-so-sleek ponytail


4.No surprise here- natural look. Her unruly curls totally rule


5.Voluminous hairstyle


6.A braided bun punches up


7.One night faux fringe


8. Sleek and polished


9. Soft waves


10. At Coachella - festival princess with wavy locks


11. Gigi shocked her fans with this short 'do


12. Long sleek extensions - you can find them here!

Which one is your favorite hairstyle? Answer on the comment or show us your look and tag us on Instagram @rubinextensions!


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Did you ever thought about how to grow fast your natural hair? We too! ..but until we find that solution, Clip In Hair Extensions are still the easiest and the best way to transform your hair from short to long, from thin to thick or from your natural color to any color you could only dream about - just in few minutes!

Blending ombre clip in hair extensions with your own hair and making them look natural can seem not so easy- but it is! Follow this tutorial and fall in love with Ombre Clip-In Extensions as we did!

Whoever thought that Ombre was just a one season trend was mistaken! The soft ombre took on new meaning when the pastels trend came up.

Why should you give a try Ombre Hair Extensions?

- It's fun & stylish - two colors looks better than one and it looks great with any hairstyle,

- Easy change - dying all your hair seemed like too much? That's why Ombre is great cause it's all about a half of your hair!


- Actually, no coloring needed - get ombre look using Clip In Extensions whenever you want!

- Hairstyles look better- ombre effect gives more life to your hair

If you don't love Ombre as much as we do, after seeing this tutorial you will be convinced.

In this video, our beautiful friend Paulina shows how to clip on Ombre Hair Extensions and how to create beach waves on them. Paulina is wearing 390g Ombre Multi Colors 51-55 cm Hellblond & Pink.


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The right hairstyle can boost your self-confidence, give you healthier hair and even make you look younger (yes, it's true!). Wondering how to look younger? Making tiny tweaks to your hairstyle can shave off years. By camouflaging wrinkles, drawing attention away from fine lines and wrinkles and adding depth and warmth to your face, your haircut, hair color and hairstyle can work better than the anti-aging serums you're slathering all over your face.

Just as a fabulous haircut can chase away the signs of age, a bad hairstyle can make you look older than you are. To help you get the look-younger hair, we prepared in this photo-post to inspire you for little changes. Try also Rubin Hair Extensions for extra volume in your daily look!


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Summertime! We're ready for fun in the sun, days at the beach... and horrible humidity. To stay sane, we like to spend most of the summer with our hair up and off our faces, but if you're someone who has frizz-prone or wavy hair, sometimes even that doesn't help.

Getting your ponytail to look your best is easiest when your hair is a little dirty - if it's not dirty, faking it with a little pomade or dry shampoo will help it stay in place. A ponytail looks better with some texture. If you have a clip-free curling iron, use it to give your ponytail some bounce. Curl some face-framing pieces while you're at it. This keeps your ponytail from looking too stuffy.

If you want even more volume, try out PonyTail Clip-On Extensions. It will make you hair looks enough oomph. Remember to have fun with it! Sure, you're pulling your hair up out of necessity (otherwise you'll sweat to death and/or die), but grabbing some cute hair ties and nice-smelling products will help make it all more fun!

Here are some ponytails inspirations to give your everyday hairstyle a lift:


12 August 2016 No comments

Bobby pins are one of the few beauty tools with endless uses. Here's how to use them to give your look a "wow" factor that will leave everyone asking what your secret is.

A bobby pin is a hairpin that holds sections of hair and hairstyles in place. They are usually plain and come in various colors to match different hair colors, but they also come in fun accented colors to stand out from your hair color. Their original purpose was to be invisible, but eventually they became decorated and colorful for more playful hairstyles.

Tip nr 1: Try spraying your bobby pins with hairspray or texturizing your hair before using them. Then, the bobby pins have more ability to grip your hair

Tip nr 2: For better grip, flip the bobby pin over so that the wavy side is against your head


Bobby pins are not just useful, they can be beautiful too!

Here’s some bobby pin hairstyle inspiration to give your everyday hairstyles a lift.



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A new hair color trend blows up on Instagram every week, but with festival season in full swing, the latest one just might be your thing, especially if it looks as cool as graffiti hair!

This trend, brought to life by artist and hairstylist, Janine Ker, requires is a stencil and hair dye of your choice to color a specific design onto your hair. It is a spray-paint-effect color with different shapes and designs. Just like the art form itself, it's all about showcasing your individuality.

As you can see, the graffiti treatment looks great on a variety of lengths and styles, from buzz cuts to lengthier strands. Plus, it can be done on a specific section of your hair, such as the ends, or to accent a style.

To get the look, J. Ker starts by sketching a design on paper and then recreating her vision into real works of art on her hair. As you can see, all of her designs are so different, which proves the possibilities are endless with this trend.

In fact, she's showcased a bunch of stunning stencil designs on her Insta so you can see what you can create, and I seriously cannot stop scrolling!

If you like to play with colors check also Pastell Extensions and Ombre Extensions !:)